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Chris Wellens

Merrowvista Director of Camp Programs

Chris began his career with the AYF as a Four Trails leader in 2009, 2011, and 2012, taking our mission on trail with his intrepid campers. Since these adventures, Chris has gone on to a robust career as an experiential educator and program director. In both classrooms and outdoor settings, Chris has fostered a love of the natural world and a deep engagement in building positive learning communities. Always striving for his own best, he has a remarkable ability to help the young people around him recognize their own inherent gifts. His gentle demeanor does not hide his passionate and compassionate spark for helping others lead lives of purpose.

In Chris’s most recent professional chapter, he has been the Director of Education for the Berkshire Botanical Gardens in western Massachusetts where he began by growing the Day Camp program in leaps and bounds and has been working passionately to offer a year-round calendar of educational opportunities for the surrounding communities.